Landlines is an initiative developed by M12 Studio in order to connect new art installations and cultural work throughout Colorado's rural San Luis Valley. The Initiative is meant to challenge us to think collectively about place, cultural preservation, environmental awareness, and our rural futures. In collaboration with many artists, researchers and community partners, we have supported and developed projects that interpret the complexity and uniqueness of the San Luis Valley (SLV). From 2018-2022 M12’s work in the SLV highlights a range of rural phenomena including adobe architecture, potato farms, rivers and acequias, deserts and sand dunes, ufology, folk music, medicinal ecology and off-road and DIY homesteads.

M12 operates as both a creative studio and 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. By providing support for artists and researchers, the Landlines Initiative has resulted in numerous low-impact art installations throughout the region and a contemporary addition to the cultural record of the San Luis Valley. In the time of COVID we are not able to celebrate this work through our usual lectures, potluck dinners and block parties. We have developed this interactive map and its contents as a way to celebrate the Landlines Initiative and the unique cultural ecology of the San Luis Valley. Stay tuned for the Landlines book in 2022.

logos of Landlines Partners